Has been produced here since 1998. Our clients with special needs make products which are competitively sold on the current market. They could be made on an individual order of a customer. We ensure the sales by ourselves or with help of other retailers. We are looking for customers who would be interested in buying our products in series for their companies. We could also produce logos or other marks. These would be original in their style as they are made of pottery.
Having a permanent job is very important for self-realization of every person. Our workshops are specifically arranged to suit our 9 people with special needs who work there.

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We offer occupation, retraining, leisure time activities and other services for the people with special needs of the region of Pilsen. Rehabilitation sojourns are offered to the people from all over the Czech Republic.
We are not a hospital, where people are placed permanently. On the contrary, we help people with special needs make themselves independent and we teach them how to take care of themselves.Such an idea always needs a huge number of volunteers, who feel connected to the project. We have those. But we welcome every offer of partnership.